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How are Plasmacluster ions generated?

1. Positive and negative ions are generated through plasma discharge ions have positive or negative charges. To ionize the water and oxygen in the air, SHARP came up with the idea of using plasma discharge to give water a positive charge and oxygen a negative charge. Through plasma discharge, positive hydrogen ions (H+) and negative oxygen ions (O2-) are generated from the water and oxygen in the air.

2. Ions form clusters for greater stability The positive hydrogen ions (H+) and negative oxygen ions (O2-) each have an electrical charge. These charges attract water molecules in the air (H2O), which surround the ions and form stable cluster ions.

Plasmacluster information.

Function of Plasmacluster

Purifies the air of viruses and bacteria.

With such a unique scientific concept Plasmacluster technology is considered as one of the safest and most effective air decontamination technologies that can create a safe and healthy environment by providing an optimum and continuous protection against;

• Airborne viruses

• Airborne bacteria

• Airborne fungi

• Airborne allergens

• Airborne dust mites

Plasmacluster information.